Hello there!

My name is Nate Hoffelder, and I build websites for authors.  You can find out more about me on my site, NateHoffelder.com, and on my blog, The Digital Reader.

Let me tell you a little about Author Website in a Box.

The Inspiration

You're probably wondering why I would go through the effort of building a complete author website just to give it away.

It's not about selling my services; that actually came later.

The idea  for "Author Website in a Box" was inspired  by a new client who came to me with a custom WordPress theme that cost far more than I thought it was worth. Obviously I can't tell you anything about the client, but the theme they had is very well-known in author circles, and it was built specifically for authors. Many people think it is the cat's meow, but once I looked at it behind the scenes I could see that it was a very simple theme with almost no unique features.

After about a week of working with that client's site, I realized that I could build a WP site that worked just as well as that expensive theme. That realization grew into AWinaBox, and once I built it, I decided I would give it away, thus helping authors everywhere by giving them a cheap option for a decent-looking website.