How to Change the Logo (and Site Name)

I have recently noticed that not everyone replaces the default logo with their own name, or their logo. While I do like the logo (I made it, after all) I also know that authors would be better off if they had their own name up there.

Here’s how you change the logo. And while we are at it, let’s change the site’s name as well.

One After installing your site, go to its Dashboard screen. Look in the menu column on the left for the “Appearance” option. Scroll the cursor over “Appearance”, and then select “Customize” from the pop-out menu.

Two Selecting the Customize option will take you to a new menu, which looks something like the following. Look on the menu on the left side of the screen, and find the “Site Identity” option. Click it to open the menu where you can change the logo.

click to enlarge

Three Once you are in this menu, there are a few things you should do.

  • First, change the site title to your name (or anything you like).
  • Second, change the tagline.
  • And finally, either remove or replace the logo. If you remove it, the site will replace the logo with the site title that you just entered.  Replacing it is a little more complicated, but it is also a good option (if you have a logo).

When you are done, click the blue “Publish” button to save your work.

And you’re done! You’ve changed the logo as well as the site’s name.

Any questions?

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