How to Set Up or Edit a Book Listing

Author Website in a Box uses the Novelist plugin to give you a bookshelf that is easy to set up and maintain. All you have to is fill out a form with the details for each of your books and save it, and the plugin will automatically create a book listing filled with the info you just entered.

What’s more, AWinaBox comes with several book listings that you can play with or edit (this is how I figure out how things work). You can change details like the cover, title, genre, and series.

The following screenshot identifies the key areas of the Novelist book menu. Study it carefully, because these are the details you will need to provide in order to have a complete book page.

Once you’ve mastered this, the next step is to set the SEO details, and add links to Amazon and the other bookstores.

image by cogdogblog via Flickr

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