Have you struggled to build your website?

AwinaBox eliminates many of the frustrations encountered when trying to build a website from scratch. It will save you:


Setting up a WordPress site can be a long and arduous process with dozens of steps. In comparison, installing Author Website in a Box is almost as easy as installing an app on your PC.

Why bother with all the extra work when it can be done for you automatically?


The license for a WordPress theme can run into the hundreds of dollars, but Author Website in a Box is free.  And not just a "you have to pay to get half the features" free, but actually completely free.

Why pay for a license when you can find better ways to spend your money?


Nothing is more exhausting than trying to figure out how new tech works, and making sure that all the parts go together. With Author Website in a Box, you don't have to worry about it; we've made sure everything worked before we let you download it.

I bet you have better use for your time, right?

SEE Author Website in a Box IN ACTION - Visit our demo site.

Author Website in a Box packs an entire site into one package.

Home page

AwinaBox comes with a pre-built homepage. Simply delete the parts you don't want, and change the order of the parts you keep, and you'll have a great looking homepage.


There's no need to code a page for each of your books; AwinaBox comes with Novelist, the best bookshelf plugin available.

Mailing List

This website is ready to be integrated with whichever mailing list service you want to use. Just set it up, and everything will be taken care of for you!

Contact form

Our built-in contact form is ready for visitors to express their love for your books, and invite you to events!


AwinaBox comes bundled with Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Spend some time setting it up, and you will rocket your site to the top of Google's search results.

Responsive Design

It doesn't matter whether your visitor is on a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop, this site has been tested to make sure it looks great on all screen sizes.


If you're worried about hackers, AwinaBox has you covered. It comes with All-in-One WP Security,


Our integrated backup plugin is ready to make regularly scheduled backups of your site, saving your work against accidents or mayhem!


Author Website in a Box is an on-going project of Nate Hoffelder. He builds websites for authors, and created AWinaBox in order give authors a complete website, for free. You can find out more about Nate on his site, NateHoffelder.com, and on his blog, The Digital Reader.

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